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Carnatic Music

Carnatic Music, also known as Karnatak / Karnatic music is a popular classical genre that roots in South India. Our dedicated faculty will teach with appropriate Sruti, Laya, Bhavam, Swaram, and Gamakam, to the learners. Carnatic music has a rich history in performing arts with techniques that have remained the same over the years, and it still has a massive influence on Indian arts to date. While most classical genres are accompanied by instruments; there are few to zero instruments accompanied by Carnatic music, and it is oriented towards the vocals.

Theory of Music

Theoretical knowledge is vital component in the development of musicians. This helps to develop composition, music analysis and clarity accuracy in writing musical notations 

The Benefits of Carnatic Music

Helps build positive state of mind

  • Improves self-discipline and perservance
  • Improves cultural understanding
  • Improves your creativity
  • Develops vocal chord in children
  • Sharper brain functions
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