We gave our students an opportunity to get accustomed to the stage, lights, music, audience and other aspects of a live show. Also a fantastic opportunity for parents to see the progress their children have made.


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Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts, a leading institute in abudhabi and a Music and dance outfit from UAE, is the concept of thought, implementing the systematic learning of dance, arts and music, as the mainstream education and not as an extra curriculum. Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts, is a commitment to the art forms which has begun to spread the beauty of indian classical dance & music

 Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts was formed in 2021 in Abudhabi City. Through innovative performances, classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations and a strong arts-in-education base, we strive to encourage the growth of the classical arts of India in the UAE.  Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts creates engaging and rich performances, which employ modern media such as film, photography and spoken word, as well as collaborating with world music and dance genres, thereby increasing the appreciation and accessibility of these timeless arts.

Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts  is dedicated to promoting Indian and western  dance in keeping with the strict traditions of these ancient arts.  Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts also organizes performances, master workshops, summer camps and lecture demonstrations by visiting and local artists throughout the year.


The vision of Rhythm Institute of Performing arts is to promote Indian Classical dance and Music through instructional classes and professional performances and to expand India’s expressive art forms to the current as well as the upcoming generation by: Provide a nurturing environment to learn, share and promote India’s glorious music & dance heritage.


Rhythm Institute of Performing Arts is to provide dance, music and arts training of the highest quality while keeping tuition costs low thereby enabling all interested children and adults to learn these ancient art forms from India.


Rhythm Institute of Performing Art’s syllabus is well planned with a systematic learning approach as part of the curriculum. In Our institute, we ensure that classical art forms are taught with all technical aspects intact.

Special care is taken to empower and guide every associate and nurture them into world-class talents. The courses offered are in line with the leading Academies that give students, the benefit of continuation of the course anywhere in the world.

Meet Our Team

Mrs. Suja Kuttikkol
Dance Teacher & Choreographer

Suja kuttikkol, a performer, teacher and choreographer, brings tremendous energy and dedication to preserving and promoting the ancient dance tradition of classical dance.

Mrs. Meera RK
Carnatic Vocal Music & Veena Instrument Lecturer

Our Carnatic vocal music and Veena instrument faculty, is an extremely skilled and passionate musician and teacher.

Mr. Vijayan Vannan
Instrumental Lecturer

Mr. Vijayan Vannan, our Instrumental faculty, is an extremely skilled and passionate musician and teacher, trained under the guidance of great teacher Ustad Hassan Bhai (Former disciple of Shehnai Maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan).

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What Our Students Say About Us

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Laura Kyle
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James Doe
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Mia Robertson

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